High Speed Label Verification

SMART Station

Prevent Costly Mistakes with High Speed Accuracy

CC+I’s Label Verification System provides a high speed scanning for every label, verifies accuracy and readability of the barcode, and automatically stops each labeler when errors are detected.

Complexity of the Process

With today’s new labeling requirements, as well as an upsurge in packaging sizes, labeling PET containers can get complex very quickly. Many of today’s labels are subsequently similar in size and appearance. A single mistake can lead to a few minutes or downtime, hours of reworks, or worse yet, an expensive recall of product.

Easy to Use

The system is very easy for operators to setup, utilizing a handheld scanner. CC+I’s “One Scan Setup” is available when used in conjunction with electronic scheduling. Additionally, operators can capture label lot numbers from rolls where barcodes are available.

Insures Accuracy

Once setup, the SMART station scans every label for accuracy, monitors bottle counts and labeler speed, and maintains an electronic record of events. The system can be extended as a source for distributed OEE monitoring.