Company Strengths

Extensive real-time machine monitoring/process control experience and knowledge of major industrial process batching and control applications.

Over twenty years of experience in beverage manufacturing processes and the related quality assurance aspects of beverage production.

Ability to develop machine interfaces for any practically any type of process equipment, including, but not limited to, PLC hardware, and PC and microprocessor based hardware platforms.

System Features

  • Utilizes Standard Off-The-Shelf Hardware/Software
  • Common Enterprise Relational Database Links All Applications
  • Completely Integrated Architecture
  • Non-Proprietary Hardware And Software
  • Off-The-Shelf Servers, PCs, and PLCs Hardware
  • Microsoft Developer Partner
  • Standard Networking Technology
  • Off-The-Shelf Microsoft’s WINDOWS and SQL —– PC based products and platforms.

Comprehensive Statistical Process Control (SPC) data analysis, including graphs, trends, etc.

Proven capability to develop and implement a variety of complex networking protocols within a plant network, including closed-loop controls, as opposed to islands of automation.

Demonstrate systems, via WebEx web meetings and plant visits.

Provide our customers excellent customer service, support, training and outstanding documentation.

Large companies, including Coca-Cola, Firestone, Scientific Games, Cone Mills, and Bruce Foods, Inc., are using CC+I’s process monitoring and control products extensively throughout their companies.

Business is related ONLY to Computer Integrated Manufacturing (C. I. M.) involving process monitoring and control products.