Quality Assurance Program


1. Perform a thirty (30) day evaluation test in CC+I’s lab for all products recommended by CC+I for the marketplace.

2. Perform an integrated test and checkout in CC+I’s lab on all hardware and software components required for the customer’s application. In-house hardware devices and software diagnostics are used to check out all component functionalities.

3. Simulate in CC+I’s lab the customer’s application requirement successfully for a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to shipment. This simulation test uses the actual hardware and software components sold to the customer.

4. Invite the customer to visit CC+I’s lab to view the simulation test (item 3 above) and acknowledge that the application requirement is satisfied. At this point in time, the customer may request changes if so desired.

5. Keep accurate records of all CC+I supplied components to ensure that performance criteria and manufacturers’ warranties are indeed satisfied. If performance standards are not met, CC+I will satisfactorily resolve the matter with the manufacturer or select a comparable product at no cost to the customer.

Customer service, open ended architecture, new products and product enhancements continue to be the driving forces used by CC+I to ensure customer satisfaction, engineering excellence and superior product quality for the marketplace.