LCD Digital Feedback

LCD with ScreenshotCommunicate Your Message

Flat panel displays are an effective feedback tool, providing up to the minute information to your associates, as well as a vehicle to showcase your technology.

LCD Flat Panels VS. LED Matrix Displays

There are many advantages to using flat panels for digital signage vs. the alternative, high end LED matrix displays. The current pricing of LCD displays is now considerably lower. Flat panel LCD displays are basically an “off-the-shelf” item, available from any large electronics retailer. They are much lighter and thinner than high end LED matrix displays, requiring much less in terms of mounting hardware and supports. Flat panels look better, allowing you to show graphical based content, update content periodically, even include your own PowerPoint presentations, if desired, within the content.

Real-Time Performance Feedback

Each display unit shows real time performance feedback. Performance feedback screens can consist of several performance measures. These may include real-time cases per hour, current efficiency, lost time analysis, weekly trends, etc. Items are shown in both graphical and digital formats, allowing for quick but informative evaluations. Screens are displayed for approximately 10-20 seconds before cycling through the next form. This provides a uniform presentation for up-to-the-minute feedback as well as an easy to read format to obtain pertinent line information.