Bar-Code Pallet Labeling


Pallet labeling is an essential element for improving tracking capability of finished products.  Key features associated with the applicator systems provided by CC+I and Intermec include:

  • All electric applicator – uses a precision stepper motor for applicator arm motion, eliminating the need and problems associated with a compressed air supply required by competitive units. 
  • Operator setup is simple and practically fool-proof – the user obtains a bottle label/can body, scans the UPC code with the tethered hand held scanner supplied for each applicator.
  • No PC required – embedded printer engine includes enough computing power, I/O capability, and solid state memory storage capacity 
  • No dependency on the plant LAN – during normal operations.  Each applicator operates in an independent, stand alone fashion.
  • Simple network based host application – used to transfer new product information entered at the host level, for remote diagnostics, and program updates.  
  • Label information – may include product description, UPC code, SKU number, expiration dates, etc.
  • Production time stamps – a battery backed real time clock/calendar provides the time stamps encoded in the label information.