Production Line Monitoring

Bottling Line

The Production Line Monitoring System (PLMS) is cost effective approach to automatic data capture.  The design uses a simple and reliable method to automatically collect data, while allowing the line operators to supplement the production run information.

Stop Declarations

Immediate Benefits……………..

  • Automatic Capture Of KeyPerformance Indicators
  • Real Time Feedback To Production Personnel
  • Standards Based Performance Measurements Promotes Competition On A Level Playing Field
  • Eliminates Manual Line Events Recording
  • Historical Data Available For Reporting And Equipment Performance Analysis
  • Pinpoint Problem Equipment, Products, And People

Downtime Paretos

Improving Performance on the Production Floor

  • Accurate measurements for run time, down time, and product changeover time
  • Extremely simple and reliable interface, requiring only one sensor per line
  • Real-time cases per hour, filler speed, filler stops
  • Capable of deriving data from existing network capable PLC hardware
  • Automatically maintains event log for each production line stop
  • Operator supplements down time events by declaring the actual cause
  • Wireless networking provides real-time data updates for stop declarations

Mobile Updates

User Friendly System

  • Easy to use requiring little operator training
  • Flexible in terms of configuring workstations and product specifications
  • Easily accommodates the seamless integration with other software modules
  • Stop causes and equipment lists are easily maintained through configuration screens
  • LED displays allow operators to view up-to-the-minute feedback on their line performance.

LCD Display

pdficon_small1 Production Line Monitoring