Raw Material Inventory

Scanning Inventory

If you’re like most companies, you are looking for better ways to get the right material, in the right quantities, to the right place, at the right time. Minimizing inventory and maximizing production are priorities. You want to minimize handling costs, the cost of damage associated with handling, and time wasted looking for and expediting misplaced material.
“Seamlessly” integrate all of your system needs, and get real-time information. Inventory modules are fully networkable into your business and or planning networks.

Modules are available from CC+I that allow you to keep track of warehouse inventory, work-in-process, inventory scheduling, and materials forecasting.

Inventory Module Features

  • Raw Materials Receipt Tracking
  • Daily Inventory Data Tracking for Concentrates, CO2, Fructose, as well as many other materials
  • Dollar Figures can be Associated with Inventory Counts, Including, Warehouse Inventory, Inventory Losses, and Weekly/Monthly Usage
  • Reports to track multiple key measures including Yields

Inventory Module Advantages

  • Track Work in Process
  • Know Exact Warehouse Location for Cases
  • Monitor Inventory Costs
  • Eliminate Data Entry Errors with Bar coding
  • Reduce Labor Costs by Eliminating Manual Counts