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training_roomCC+I can demonstrate our Software Solutions through Webconferencing or On-Site meetings..

This includes the Decision Support Systems for Weaving, Slasher Control Systems and Size Management for Textiles, Lab Data Management and Production Monitoring for Beverage manufacturing, as well as many others.


Webinars have become the increasingly popular go-to solution to connect companies with prospects, clients, and partners.

  1. Busy business schedules
  2. Available meeting times decreasing
  3. The growing comfort level among computer users towards, and openness to, new online applications
  4. Growing concern about our carbon footprint

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On-Site Meetings

Relationships still drive business, and companies must still stay in close contact with customers and suppliers.  Face-to-face communication has it’s advantages.

  1. Build lasting and effective relationships
  2. Solve problems, eliminate confusion, and clarify doubt that can occur over the phone

Call 864-458-7587 ext. 109 to schedule a demonstration.